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BBQ Tonight

Using time-honored recipes, the chefs at BBQ Tonight grill Halal meats to savory, sizzling perfection, as well as other Mediterranean, Asian and American favorites. Start with fried Fish Pakora or fava bean-based stew called Foul Mudammas, then let the magic of the grilled meats guide your way.

Try their Haryali Chicken Tikka, rubbed with a delightful blend of mint, cumin and cilantro, or marinated Behari Chicken, fork-tender and full of exotic flavors. Chicken or beef Sheesh Kababs, Kafta (minced meat) Kababs and Lamb Chops are also offered, plus a full selection of steaks, ribs, burgers, gyro, and even pizza.

Traditional Middle Eastern breakfast is served all day, including Sooji Ka Halwa (sweet semolina pudding), Aloo Ka Paratha (stuffed potato pancakes), egg omelets, and more, and authentic drinks are served as well.

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6849 So. Kirkman Rd Orlando, FL 32819
6849 South Kirkman Rd Orlando, FL 32819