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Nippon Japanese Restaurant

A local favorite, Nippon puts on a mesmerizing and exciting performance right at your table. Situated at a traditional Teppen grill, a skilled chef prepares your meal in a dazzling routine filled with fire, percussive rhythms and airborne morsels of food. If you're looking for a more subdued visit there's a dining room with regular seating or traditional Tatami seating at low tables. Or, consider sitting right up at the sushi bar to be impressed by the artistic creations fashioned by talented sushi chefs; it's not as intense as the engaging hibachi experience but still a wonder for the eyes. The menu encompasses cuisine for both the adventurous foodie and tamer Western palates.

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332 ELDEN ST. Herndon, VA 20170
103 S. US Hwy. 1 Jupiter, FL 33477
103 SOUTH US HWY 1 E3 Jupiter, FL 33477