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Naturally Nanci at Anthony's Salon & Spa

The Microdermabrasion Treatment will include: A Signature facial cleansing and Microdermabrasion- a non-invasive procedure used to resurface the skin that gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells. This treatment cleans pores thoroughly and hinders future breakouts if used on a regular basis.

Next, you will receive a light Glycolic peel. This provides exfoliation, strengthening and correction with minimal discomfort and little to no downtime. All while improving the surface of the skin, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and evening out skin tone.

Or you can choose an invigorating Mini Lemongrass Facial instead of the Glycolic Peel; where you will enjoy a potent vitamin packed mask (vitamins A, C and B Complex), with Hot Lemongrass Towels to steam your skin and open pores. Soothing cream will be massaged into your face, neck and chest and then topped off with a recovery gel. While you lie back and enjoy this, you will receive a pampering massage of the hands and feet to close the last moments of your spa experience. Afterwards, as a final touch, your skin will be patted down with a hydrating moisturizer and then LED light therapy will be used to lift and firm the skin, promote smoother texture and moisture retention, increase circulation and collagen production and decrease the appearance of age spots, sun damage, redness, enlarged pores, and fine lines.

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