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Aara Natural Farms

The package includes 1 leg of lamb, 1 front shank, 1 hind shank, 1 rib rack cut in half, 3 loin chops & 1 blade roast or chops. If you like your favorite meaty treats bursting with flavor and healthy as all-get-out, Aara Natural Farms has your best interests at heart.

25 acres of lush green pasture are home to their ethically raised stock who are always flush with fresh, clean drinking water and free of antibiotics, by-products, HGH, oxytocin, rbGH (growth hormone) and any other artificially-enhancing drugs.

They're also restricted from eating GMOs (genetically modified organisms), so you know you're getting the best possible cut of meat every time. Whether it's lamb, chicken, goat, or mutton, your meat should be as natural as the sky is blue, with incredible taste to match.

Aara Natural Farms is a family owned business whose focus is to provide high quality, affordable, naturally raised and ethically sourced meats. Their business model supports local farming, sustainable agriculture, charitable giving, and local jobs across the greater Illinois region.

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2645 E 2425th Rd Marseilles, IL 61341
2645 E 2425th Rd Marseilles, IL 61341
2645 East 2425th Road Marseilles, IL 61341
2645 e 2425 rd Marseilles, IL 61341