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Whitebear Energies

Mother Nature cleanses herself and so can you with the help of White Light Healer, Professional Massage Therapist and Reiki Master, Stephen A. "WhiteBear" Turbett. Let him help you learn to heal yourself. He uses non-traditional remedies like Alternate Energy Work, Native Medicine Ruins, Tarot Cards and Soul Readings to delve into the deepest areas of the soul, revealing the true meaning of many things in our lives.

If something a little more traditional is what you're after, try a Hot Crik-Rock Massage which utlizes hot and cool stones applied to the body in various ways, producing sedative and reenergizing responses in the body.

WhiteBear Energies offers a wide variety of practices to heal the body, mind and spirit. Massage, additional remedies and class instruction are all part of the services taught and performed by Stephen A. "WhiteBear" Turbett, a White Light Healer, professional massage therapist and reiki master.

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564 Old York Road Etters, PA 17319