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Battleship Iowa

Climb aboard and set off on your self-guided Tour Alpha, which will start in the Officer's Wardroom on the Main Deck. Check out the former stateroom installed specifically for Franklin D. Roosevelt, where his War Cabinet planned major strategy, and where other world dignitaries and U.S. Presidents have been welcomed.

Pan aerial views of the forward guns as well as navigation and aiming consoles as you peruse the recently restored Admiral's Bridge, where three of America's five-star admirals observed The Battleship IOWA underway in years past. You'll be enthralled by on-board videos detailing The Battleship IOWA's many stories about what was once called "the most heavily armored ship in the world" and can even pick up a remembrance in the ship's store before disembarking for your regularly scheduled landlubber activities.

The heavy armor of Battleship IOWA holds many memories for the crews who manned her 16 guns and the many others who strolled her decks, above and below the waterline. Through the Korean War, the Cold War and more, the battleship has given 70 years of service to the country and sits permanently cradled in Los Angeles Harbor since 2012. As the most advanced battleship of her time, the restored vessel offers access to 7 decks for visitors to catch a fleeting glimpse of the daily life of a sailor in the Pacific.


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