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Back Mountain Revolution Cycle and Fitness

Experience the innovation and exhilaration of RealRyder Fitness Bikes at Back Mountain Revolution. Unlike most indoor cycling studios, Back Mountain Revolution uses RealRyder Fitness Bikes, the leader in indoor cycling that utilizes cutting edge Core-technology to provide an authentic "burn and build" cycling experience. You'll burn 20% more calories compared to traditional stationary bikes.

Post class options include Core, BodySculpt and Recovery options in their multipurpose Group Ex room. Their classes appeal to beginners, hard-core cyclists, and everyone in between and collectively provide a truly unique and effective cycling experience. Their passionate team of coaches will ensure that you'll enjoy their fast paced, high intensity workouts, all set to upbeat and inspirational music.

Welcome to Back Mountain Revolution, where their studio will bring the most current and innovative fitness equipment to present a unique, high energy, total body workout experience. Compared to most indoor cycling studios, they offer RealRyder Fitness Bikes, which tilt, turn and lean-improving strength, stability and coordination of the upper and lower body with special emphasis on activating the core. There are 15 bikes available for each BMR class.

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106 South Lehigh St Shavertown, PA 18708
106 South Lehigh St Shavertown, PA 18708