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Maid Spot

Maid Spot sets high standards of customer service and takes pride in providing families in our community a work life balance by taking housecleaning off their "To Do " lists and offering weekday only work for their employees. Our employees come armed with all of their own equipment and supplies. In fact they come with enough cotton rags and flat mop heads to never have to clean with a dirty rag. Say GOOD-BYE to floors mopped by dirty water!

Maid Spot utilizes top of the line commercial grade cleaning products in your home or business. All of these products are also eco-friendly. It allows them to protect the environment as well as your personal space, children, co-workers and pets, etc. Maid Spot's all-purpose product is the only EPA Registered all-purpose cleaning product which is not only a sanitizer but also a virucide. It has a neutral PH which leads to no residue build up on your surfaces, is biodegradable and contains no asthmagens. It is safe on any water-safe surface and kills odor causing bacteria.

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