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Final Fear

Get ready for serious screams at Final Fear! They have 6 huge themed haunted houses like Chaos-In Continuum, a chaotic 3D terror that overloads your senses and challenges you to wind your way through mind numbing illusions and utter confusion. Explore a century old Mine Shaft, home to horrific crimes and the souls of a demented rural family, trapped in the tunnels by their fellow townsfolk.

Get a taste of Quarantine, where biological experiments demanded by military officials and a pharmaceutical giant have gone horribly wrong and you have to escape the hordes of undead and burning streets. You can even battle through Zombies in the Zombie Attack Kill Zone. Go ahead and satisfy your urge for monster everything.

Final Fear is Western New York's largest indoor haunted attraction. It features 6 themed haunted houses. They're open weekends from September 26 to November 1st including every Friday and Saturday, the last 3 Sundays and Thursdays, and Wednesday, October 29. The final 2 Saturdays and Sundays, they offer a Kids' "Lights On" Tour from 1pm-5pm.


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