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Flip and Clip Magazines from over 700 Communities across the USA gets all its local deals, coupons and gift certificates right from the pages of our own coupon magazines. Delivered directly to homeowner's front doors, LOCALFLAVOR MAGAZINE and its sister publications MINT MAGAZINE, SAVVY SHOPPER MAGAZINE, REWARD$ MAGAZINE, HOME & DECOR IDEAS, and CLIPPER MAGAZINE are put together by folks who live in every market we serve. That's the secret to why all our deals and free offers are always for the great places that make your neighborhood yours.

Find your town and click on the cover to "flip and clip" at your leisure. Any coupons you grab will be saved in your account and instantly accesible on your computer or phones. Don't forgoet to take a look at some of the specialty publications for your town such as Dining Guides, Auto Guides, Home Show Tours and more!