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So Fun Frozen Yogurt

So Fun! Frozen Yogurt has got an amazing selection of frozen yogurt flavors that change every week, and every topping you can imagine. From freshly sliced fruits to your favorite cereal, hot fudge, Nutella and candy. But that's the best part. They don't decide, you do! Pick as many flavors and toppings as your little heart desires. At So Fun! Yogurt, you pay by weight not by topping so you can have as much or as little of everything you want. It's so simple. More than FroYo! In addition TRY THE NEW SMOOTHIES and Milkshakes, Freshly made waffle sticks! Get your color changing spoons either in pink that change to purple, yellow that change to green and have a blast with hint of magic. Come in and see for yourself just how much fun it really is! See you soon.

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3770 Dryland Way, Easton, PA 18040
(610) 258-6760
3770 Dryland Way, Easton, PA 18040
(610) 258-6760

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