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How LocalFlavor.com works for you...

LocalFlavor.com saves you money on goods and ser-
vices from the local businesses you love. From local
restaurants and entertainment venues to goods and
home services, you’ll find savings on LocalFlavor.com

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Local Savings

No other website has the same local deals and coupons. We aren’t aggregating savings from other websites; our employees – living in your communities – source deals and coupons from the best locally owned businesses.

How We Do It

Our content managers live in the markets we serve. As locals, they have a great sense of what’s popular and work hard to bring you savings from the places you love, from restaurants and salons, to home services and more.

About Deals

Deals are generally 50% off, prepaid certificates that you purchase online. They have a promotional value and a paid value. You pay the paid value with a credit card and instantly receive a discount certificate worth the larger promotional value to print or to send to your phone. Some deals are available to use instantly (clearly marked as Buy Now, Use Now) and others are available for use the next business day.

A purchased deal certificate has a promotional value that is typically 50% higher than the price you paid. For example: $20 you pay now for a $40 promotional deal certificate valid at the business. You pay now and use instantly if it is marked as “Buy Now, Use Now” (if not, use starting tomorrow). The business then applies the certificate as a discount from your purchase. A purchased deal certificate’s promotional value typically expires after 6 or 12 months – read the deal details for specifics on your purchase. After that date, the merchant is required to honor the paid value of certificate for 5 years. Merchant deals typically appear only once or twice per year. If you want to be notified when a deal is available, find the merchant’s page and click ‘Notify Me.’ You will be emailed when 50% off deals become available for that merchant. Refunds are granted for 14 days after purchase, hassle free.

Free Coupons

All coupons are free. Our website, Apple and Android apps are free too. We ask only for your email address (an account) so we may activate and validate coupons you print or present via your phone to merchants.