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Comp-U-Tax's customized approach is to meet each individual's needs. We are a national firm dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality service and integrity. Comp-U-Tax strives to create value for their clients and work closely with them to understand their issues and challenges. At the end of the day, Comp-U-Tax helps clients increase wealth, profit and cash flow, while decreasing taxes and worry. Finally if you need it you can get their PRO VERIFIED RETURN. One of Comp-U-Tax's Pro CPAs will go over your return with a fine tooth comb. Compare us at:

Any questions? Call us at 716-598-8327.

  • It's simple, It's fast and it's Accurate!
  • Federal and State Plus E-Filing
  • Easy: Answer simple questions, get just the forms you need
  • Supported: Detailed screen help, with unlimited e-mail support always available
  • Comprehensive: Supports all states with income tax, and 100+ federal forms
  • Safe: Your data is protected by SSL encryption

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